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Is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy For You?

Learn how to regain your sense of connection.

Life can be hard. Building a stronger relationship with yourself will help you to feel prepared for anything in life. We can help you with the connection that matters most!

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3 Steps to Connection




Schedule a free 30 min consultation to explore your needs and discuss our service.

Begin your journey with our first counselling session.

Connect with the parts of you that may have felt shut off, distant or afraid. 

What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy? (SFBT)

An evidence based psychotherapy approach. In its basic sense SFBT is hope friendly, positive emotion eliciting, future oriented vehicle for formulating, motivating, achieving and sustaining desired behavior change.

Benefits of Online Counseling:

No waiting room or driving! Teletherapy’s popularity was seen through the pandemic as an efficient way to meet with clients and patients needing to see helping professionals. However there is evidence based research that confirms its validity and effectiveness as if you were face to face.

Our Specialties

Trauma Informed Counseling
Addiction Counseling
Grief and Loss
Relational Conflict
Communication Issues
Toxic Stress

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