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We connect you to Mental Health resources that are representative of your experiences.

 We give people the information so they can make informed decisions and choices to better take care of their emotional health, their families, and their relationships. We achieve this by providing mental health related content, resources, and direct links to professionals who provide therapy. People recover and heal through connectivity, not isolation. So we’re on a mission to bring the message of connection by erasing stigma, raising awareness and our collective community consciousness. 

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Pattern TeleConnect-02.png


Dayla Burgess

Dayla is a Bermudian native and clinical mental health counsellor who has a passion for advocacy. She has earned her bachelors of Art in Sociology from University of Central Florida and a Masters degree in adult clinical counseling from University of  Southern California and is also a licensed allied health professional with the Bermuda Health Council and the Bermuda Addiction Counselors Board. She is currently working as an Addiction Counselor in a local outpatient treatment setting. Dayla founded Tele Connect in 2019 when she identified barriers that exist for locals seeking help. Dayla’s vision for Tele Connect extends beyond the online realm and into outreach, consultancy and grassroots work.

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